20th September 2022 - Our Winter vaccination programme is underway you will be contacted in the next few weeks if you are entitled to the Influenza Vaccine, COVID booster or the Shingles vaccine.

Family and Home Medicines

Your local Pharmacist will be able to give you free health advice at any time and you don't always need an appointment.  The Pharmacist should be your first point of call for minor ailments.

  • Coughs - Simple linctus (over 1 year old)
  • Coughs - Pholcodine linctus (over 12 years old)
  • Sore Throat - Over 4 years old
  • Athletes Foot - Over 6 years
  • Headlice - Over 6 months
  • Vaginal Thrust - Over 16 years
  • Worms - Over 1 year
  • Hayfever

You can treat many minor ailments such as colds, coughs and indigestion by keeping a well-stocked medicine cavinet at home.  All medicines should be kept in a box or cupboard with a lock and well out of the reach of children.

Soluble Paracetamol or Aspirin
Good for headaches, colds, sore throats (gargle with the solution), and pains in general. Aspirin should NOT be given to children under 16 or people with Asthma.

Paracetamol Mixture
For relief of pain or fever in young children

Sedative Cough Linctus
For dry or painful coughs - but not coughs caused by common colds.

Menthol Crystals
Add to hot water to make steam inhalations for treating catarrh and dry or painful coughs.

Vapour Rub
Again, for steam inhalations. Also useful for children with stuffy noses or dry coughs. Rub on the chest and nose.

Ephedrine Nose Drops
For runny noses in children over one year old. Use before meals and at night but not for more than four days.

Mild Laxatives

Anti-diarrhoeal Medicines

Indigestion Remedy
For example - antacids

Travel Sickness Tablets

SPF15 or higher

Sunburn Treatment
For example - calamine

Antiseptic Solution
One teaspoon diluted in warm water for cleaning cuts and grazes.

Antiseptic Cream
For treating septic spots, sores in the nose amd grazes.

Calamine Lotion
For dabbing (not rubbing) on insect bites, stings and sunburn.

Dressing Strips
For minor cuts.

3" Wide Crepe Bandage
To keep dressings in place. To support sprained or bruised joints.

Cotton Wool (non absorbent)
For cleaning cuts and grazes.

For fevers.

Tweezers and Sharp Scissors
For removing splinters.

A selection of Plasters

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